Baking And Cake Decorating

Baking And Cake Decorating

My Mom loved to bake. She always made her delicious baked goods with all-purpose flour that she bought from the store. She would empty these bags of flour into a big mixing bowl as if she was feeding an army of hungry kids. Once she's done with her baking, all of us would gather around the table and each one would grab one if not two pieces of her delicious, fresh out of the oven, warm baked chocolate cake. That's all I remember to this point and quite frankly it's really all that I cared about at the time.

Four decades later, I realized that the baking flour my Mom used for her cakes has grown by more than a ten-fold! Nowadays, you'd find a range of baking flours from gluten-free, light, single grain, whole grain and other variety blends of flours.

So, if you only know one kind of flour that you remember growing up, set your eyes out on some of the flours that are making its way across kitchens! You'll be amazed just how much difference in aroma, color, texture, and flavor the various flours can energize your cakes, pastries and other yummy dishes.

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