Apple Sauce and Fruit Squeeze

Apple Sauce and Fruit Squeeze

If you're looking for fiber on the go, Fruit Squeeze can be the perfect match. It's portable, convenient and relatively inexpensive. But, be careful. Fruit Squeeze or Pouches can be full of sugar, fillers and preservatives. What seemed to be a healthy to-go snack could turn into a sugar high and make you sluggish, tired and cranky.

Luckily nowadays Fruit Squeezes come with organic ingredients without the artificial sweeteners and preservatives. For the picky eater, a serving of these Fruit Squeezes can provide your little one a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Not bad for Fruit Squeezes.

Like everything else with food, remember to read the product label. In addition to organic ingredients, look for one that has low in sugar and high in fiber. The American Heart Association recommends that children age 2 to 18 years of age should have less than 25 grams of sugar a day for a heart-healthy diet. Remember to add ALL sugar-containing foods when you come up with the total daily sugar intake.

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