Dried Herbs

Dried Herbs

If you're a DIYer, drying herbs is probably right in your neighborhood. Drying herbs is simple, fun and easy to do that anyone can do it.

Drying herbs can come in several ways using either air dry or a dry rack with either method taking 2 to 10 days to complete. If you're looking for instant results, an oven, microwave or dehydrator can dry things up far more quicker. However, until you actually do it and put in your time in the process, drying herbs on your own may not be all worth your time.

So, what's makes DIY herb different from buying dried herbs from a store? Commercially prepared dried herbs come in prepackaged. You don't have to worry about the packaging or how to safely store your DIY dried herbs from getting mold.

Dried herbs by DIY works for some but why bother when you can conveniently purchase the herb of your choice without doing all that extra work that goes into making it.

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