Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are free-standing candles with wide bottom base that can be lit without the need for a container to stay upright. These candles can come in different shapes like round, square or rectangular and other objects like pyramids, crosses and stars.

Pillar candles combined with a bouquet of flowers make wonderful centerpieces. Or if you prefer to fill a void in your home like a corner wall, Pillar candles surrounded with fruits, pine cones, a leafy vine and other similar accents can help transform it into a featured area in your home. They can also serve as focal points and when circled by ornate floral arrangements, it effuses a festive celebration perfect for a dinner table or fireplace mantle.

Pillar candles are indispensable candles because of it's intrinsic element to provide lighting when needed while at the same time delivering a delightful accessory that you want in your home.

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