Juices And Concentrates

Juices And Concentrates

To concentrate or Not to concentrate. Before we pick and choose which one is better. It's best we explain the difference between juice from concentrate from juice that is not concentrate.

Juice from concentrate is juice from a real fruit and its water content removed (by evaporation) to make it a powder. The fruit powder is then transformed into a liquid form (by liquefaction) during the manufacturing process and labeled as "juice concentrate".

Juice that is never concentrated is juice that is closest to the "real fruit" and bottled without undergoing evaporation/liquefaction to make the final product.

Both concentrated and non-concentrated juices are very similar in nutrition content. However, the two may differ in taste or texture. Concentrated juice that has undergone physical transformation, might have a slightly watered down taste or texture. Whereas juice that has been extracted from a fruit directly to a bottle might tastes more of the same just as a real fruit would.

Here's the Juice! Whether you choose juice "from concentrate" or "not from concentrate", remember to read the label. The juice's label will give you more specific information on its sugar and nutrition content and whether any preservative or coloring, if any, has been added.


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