Diapers And Wipes

Diapers And Wipes

Baby Diapers
If you have a baby or planning on having one, baby diapers should be high on your shopping list. Fortunately, diapers are not that hard to find and are relatively affordable.

Nowadays, when it comes to protecting those delicate baby bottoms must-have features like durability, absorbency and getting the right fit are really important to have.

Diapers are also made of either natural elements like bamboo, cotton, hemp, or tree fiber. Synthetic materials like polyester are also popular. Some of these diapers even have a built-in "wetness indicator" which is really helpful when you forget the last time the diaper was changed.

To provide a waterproof barrier, different types of solvents or water repellants are used. Waterproofing diapers is really important when you want to keep urine contained inside while keeping the outside layers as dry as possible.

If you're eco-conscious, you can find diapers that are made of eco-friendly materials that are free of perfumes, chlorine, plastic and genetically modified organisms (or GMO-free). Some diapers are biodegradable and are considered environmental friendly. Taking care of nature and doing what's best for your baby at the same time doesn't have to be difficult, after all.

Baby Wipes
Anyone who has wiped a baby’s butt knows just how important baby wipes are. And yet, many see baby wipes come second only to baby diapers. Someone explain this to us?

If you ever walked down the baby aisle, you’ll find baby wipes of all types, material, scents and price range.

But, do you know which brand baby wipes is the best?

We would love to pick “The Best” and “Only Best” but the field has become so competitive that it’s almost impossible to pick the one and best baby wipes for your baby’s sensitive skin. Instead, we would like you to look at the different brands that are making news for its use of safe, natural ingredients and biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly.

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