E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

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More Effective Floor Cleaning With Less Effort E-Cloth Fiber Technology Penetrates And Removes Dirt,Grease, Oil, Grime True Chemical Free Cleaning - Proven To Remove Over 99% Of All Bacteria (Including E-Coli And Listeria) From Hard Surfaces With Just Water Lightweight And Very Maneuverable Chemical Free Cleaning On All Flooring Surfaces, Just Use Water Telescopic Handle Adjusts So You Can Clean Comfortably Regardless Of Your Height - Extends From 33" To 63" Set Includes- One Telescopic Aluminum Handle, One Mop Head Base And One 5.25"X17.5" Damp Mop Head The Deep Clean Mop Cannot Be Shipped To Outside The United States. Where To Use:All Floor Cleaning - Vinyl, Laminate, Stone, Ceramic, Tile, Hardwood, Linoleum, Concrete. Floor Cleaning Is Also Healthy Cleaning - Deep Clean Mop Removes Over 99% Of Bacteria With Just Water. There Really Should Be Another Word, Because €œmopâ€Â Just Doesn'T Do Justice To This Ergonomic Floor Whiz! The Sturdy Aluminum Handle Is Telescopic, Adjusting To Your Wishes. The Base Is On A 360&Deg; Swivel So It Gets Into Corners And Hard To Reach Places Other Mops Can'T. Then There's The Modern Fiber Technology That Penetrates And Removes Dirt, Grease, Oil, Grime And Bacteria Much Better Than Common Mops - And It Does It With Just Water! Gone Are The Days Of Using €œmysteryâ€Â Chemicals To Push Around Dirt On Your Floors. Easier, Faster Floor Cleaning - Having Far More Cleaning Fibers Per Square Inch Than Common Mops, And A €œwingspanâ€Â Of Almost 18 Inches E-Cloth Mops Remove More Grime With Each Swipe. The Mops Are Also Lightweight And Very Maneuverable. Its Sturdy, Telescopic Handle Adjusts To Fit Your Comfort Level (As Short As 3'5€ Or Tall As 6'2€ And Every Height In-Between). Safer, Chemical-Free Cleaning - There Are No Harmful Chemicals Or Fumes Because E-Cloth Uses Fiber Function To Clean - Not A Chemical Reaction. The Cleaned Surface E-Cloth Mops Leave Behind Has No Chemical Residue - Important To Everybody, But Especially To Families With Young Children Who Spend A Lot Of Time Motoring At Floor Level. Versatile Floor Cleaning - Excellent On All Flooring Surfaces - Vinyl, Laminate, Stone, Ceramic, Tile, Hardwood, Linoleum, Concrete. Furthermore, The Telescopic Handle Can Also Be Extended To Enable You To Clean Walls, Ceilings And High Windows. Money-Saving Cleaning - No Cleaning Chemicals To Buy, And You'Ll Value From The Durability Of The Sturdy Aluminum Handle And Base That Are All About Sustainable Living. The E-Cloth Mop Will Still Be Cleaning Long After Cheap Plastic Mops Are In Landfills. The E-Cloth Mop Heads Can Be Machine-Washed Over-And-Over While Still Maintaining Their Cleaning Performance (Up To 300 Machine-Washings!). 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide. - Made In Korea.

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Yeast Free, Wheat Free
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